lördag 6 juni 2009

Swedish National Holiday for Mathematics Reform?

Today is the National Day of Sweden. Is it also a day to celebrate Swedish Science and Swedish Engineering Education? Maybe not.

I see an engineering education in a spiral of decline towards trivialization, because both content and form has remained basically the same over the period of 50 years I have experienced, while the landscape of science and industry has been revolutionized by the computer. 

Engineering education is based on mathematics, and the quality of basic math courses sets the quality of the eduction as a whole. Mathematics combined with the computer offers the scientist and engineer a new powerful tool for simulation. 

Presenting this tool in basic math courses gives both students and teachers new spirit to tackle the challenges of global competition and can turn the spiral upwards. This is the goal of the Body&Soul program with further motivation developed in the knols about Mathematics/Science Education.

It is not impossible that we can have reason to celebrate Swedish National Holiday of Mathematics Reform in 2010. 

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