torsdag 18 juni 2009

New Minister of Research and Education

The new Minister of Research and Higher Education is Tobias Krantz, 38 year old Ph D in political science, spokesman for the Liberal party on social politics and the author of its program on higher education.

Will Krantz with his academic background be able to understand the need of reform of education in science and technology into e-science, which Leijonborg could not?

Out of the extra 5 billion to strategic research handed out by Leijonborg, only 50 million or 1% is allocated to e-science, which is not enough to keep Sweden on the map of the IT-world. Does Krantz understand? 

Krantz says: I want to create a university education of world class. Knowledge gives power. Quality is more important than quantity. 

1% to e-science is certainly not quantity, but neither quality.

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