fredag 5 juni 2009

Simulation Technology at KTH: Yes or No?

A proposal for a Bachelors program in Simulation Technology ST based on Body&Soul is now on the table of the President of the Royal Institute of Technology KTH in Stockholm for decision on June 17. 

The combat lines are clear: The School of Computer Science and Communication CSC, the Dean of the Faculty and the Vicedean of Education support  the program,  while the the School of Science and Mathematics SCI is seeking to stop the program at any price. 

ST offers a true synthesis of mathematics, computation and application and reflects the change of paradigm in science and engineering driven by computational simulation with new questions and answers. 

SCI seeks to stop ST because it threatens to make traditional education in mathematics and mechanics obsolete with old answers to old no longer relevant questions. This attitude can be understood as a reptile brain reaction, but it prevents education at KTH and thereby Swedish research and industry from taking a leading role, which would be possible with reform.

If KTH decides to open the ST program, against the will of SCI, traditional mathematics/science education will become increasingly difficult to maintain. The consequencies can be far-reaching. Latin is no longer taught by Departments of Latin...

If KTH decides to stop ST, against the will of CSC and deans, the malfunctioning of the traditional education will deepen without hope of resurrection.

So the President has tough decision to take, but there is really only one possibility: 
  • Yes! Reform and Change of Paradigm!
  • For Sweden, with the Times! Motto of King Carl XVI Gustaf.

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