lördag 27 april 2013

Watergate vs KTH-gate

Once the existence of the Nixon White House tapes was made public, it was only a matter or time before the content of the tapes including the Watergate tapes was released.

The existence of e-mail communication between chief officials  (president-dean-chairman) of the Royal Institute of Technology KTH concerning my planned appearance on Swedish State Television SVT on April 15 in a discussion on mathematics education in the morning sofa program God Morning Sweden, an appearance which was cancelled a week after it was announced on my blog on April 4, was made public on April 23 as a log of internal email communication with subject "God Morning Sweden, IMPORTANT". KTH has refused to release the content of the communication upon my request. 

As in the Watergate case, it is only a matter of time before not only the existence but also the content of the internal communication will be publically available. The  communication, which thus is now kept secret by KTH, may contain information about contacts between KTH and SVT leading to the silencing of my voice. A court process concerning the refusal to release the communication by chief officials of KTH on the subject "God Morning Sweden, IMPORTANT", has been initiated.

PS1 The mere fact that KTH is prepared to go to court to hide the content of the emails, gives strong evidence that the emails contain damaging information. The only way for KTH to get out of this in an honorable way, would be to release all emails with Subject: "Good Morning Sweden, IMPORTANT" and show that they do not contain any evidence of engagement in "Good Morning Sweden". But since KTH has banned my book Mathematical Simulation Technology and my person in main Swedish media (KTH-gate), a ban also in Swedish State Televison could appear as a logical consequence.

PS2 The Swedish Constitution states: An authority (like a university) is not allowed to forbid or block the expression of a message in Swedish radio or television because of its known or expected content. The Swedish Constitution also requires authority documentation to be accessible to the public.

PS3 Today April 29 I will meet Registrator KTH supported by KTH Registrators Office Chief and KTH Chief Lawyer to learn about KTHs refusal to make public the e-mail correspondence between chief officials on the Subjet: "Good Morning Sweden, IMPORTANT"appearing shortly after my participation in the TV-sofa was abruptly cancelled.  I only asked to meet the Registrator herself but will thus meet a contingent. It appears that my case is considered to be important by KTH. 

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