måndag 29 april 2013

KTH Refuses to Release E-mails with Subject: Good Morning Sweden

Today I had a meeting with the Legal Department at KTH concerning its decision to not release (not even to me) the KTH-email correspondence between president-dean-chairman with subject "Good Morning Sweden, IMPORTANT" connecting to the abrupt disinvitation of myself to the TV-sofa program "Good Morning Sweden" scheduled to April 15.

The motivation by the Legal Department (directly serving under the President) to not release the correspondence, was based on a technical definition, claiming that the correspondence did not concern a "case" ("allmänt ärende" in Swedish) and since it was not a "case", I could not be considered to be "part in the case" ("part i ärendet"), since there simply was no "case", and as such I was not entitled to access any information (relating to a "non-existing case"), in particular not anything relating to the the sudden interest by chief officials at KTH in "Good Morning Sweden" obviously connecting to my scheduled and announced, but eventuallt cancelled, participation in the TV-sofa.

I will now lodge an appeal to the Administrative Court in Stockholm to release the emails (with address .....xxxx@kth.se) between chief officials with the subject "Good Morning Sweden". Stay tuned to follow the thrilling resolution of this drama about right to free expression...Is it really possible for the Legal Department to win in the first round by a simple technical knock-out defining the "case" as not a "case"?  

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  1. as i told you few times in the "swedish section" there are mainly 2 things that i find disturbing with your way of presenting this story:

    1. you have absolutely no proof of any involvement of kth in the re-booking (this is the message you got from the swedish tv, you would have been rebooked[*]) of your presence on a tv-show. all the e-mails are dated after your contact with the head of the math-departments and are most probably generated of your accusations.

    2. you act as if you were the only one presenting revolutionary ideas about math-education. you "new" ideas can be found already here http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/0020739700030306#.UX99n3CE688 and are constantly presented by different people on swedish media (see for example brännpunkt on svd).

    so the two big theses (that you are the sole bearer of revolutionary ideas that are against everyone elses and that kth is interfering with your attempts) that you are presenting are loosely based on a very personal (yours) view of the facts.

    but this is not surprising for people who have followed your blog, the clearest leitmotif in your opus is to take a particular fact, give it an unorthodox explanation that works for that particular case and apply than that as a general rule to explain climate, economics, failure of any given theory in any given field, outcome of irak war, presence of horse meat in lasagne ...

    [*] after your e-mail exchange with the program manager at svt, not even the fact that svt will most probably not rebook you can be used as a proof of an external influence.

  2. You don't have the full picture and therefore your analysis is off the point. More of this and your comments will no longer slip through the spam filter.