lördag 24 september 2011

Many-Minds Relativity: The Sagnac Effect

The Sagnac effect arises when two beams of light are sent in both directions in a rotating circuit, one beam in the direction of rotation and the other in the opposoite direction, and an interference pattern or fringe shift is observed as the two beams meet at a detector.

In Many-Minds Relativity (Many-Aethers Relativity) there is a natural explanation of the Sagnac effect: The idea is that both beams use a coordinate system fixed to the rotating circuit and in this coordinate system the common detector will move towards the source or away from the source depending on the direction of the beam. This will give rise to a Doppler effect or frequency shift, which will appear as a fringe shift.

The Sagnac effect lies outside Einstein's special relativity, because it cannot be described in inertial systems, and presented explanations using general relativity are very complicated.

Another nail in the Einstein coffin.

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