tisdag 6 september 2011

2011 World Engineers' Convention: 2% Target

Projected New Society under New Political Framework based on solar and wind energy:
In the middle a Center of Calculation is circled and up right Intelligent Buildings tower over Smart Homes. The sharp observer also notes dumb nuclear and fossil power stations...

The Call to the World Engineers' Convention this week in Geneva states:
  • The peak of cheap oil, global warming, scarcity of resources, risk factors in energy production, higher prices and the war on energy are all creating fear and raising questions.
  • We must leave our ivory towers, universities, research laboratories and libraries, contribute to public debate and answer the questions people are asking about the future of our energy supply.
  • Our conclusion is that there is enough green energy to meet the increasing global demand for energy.
  • We already have the technologies we need to achieve an environmentally friendly low-carbon energy supply and rational use of energy.
  • The challenge is to convert, store and transport available energy in a way that is both affordable and causes no damage.
  • The time has come, therefore, for societies and politicians at national level to take the necessary steps to avoid a further increase in global warming and finally meet the 2-degree target.
  • It is our duty to inform people all around the world about what we know.
The Call is detailed in the following theses:
  1. Global energy consumption is expected to increase by some 40% by 2030.
  2. There is abundant renewable energy available particularly from solar radiation.
  3. The goal is a low-carbon supply of energy services at reasonable cost. In particular CO2 emissions, must be drastically reduced in order to meet the 2-degree target.
  4. In the transport sector, modifying unsustainable energy consumption patterns will entail difficult adjustments.
  5. Between 2010 and 2030, additional worldwide investment in energy-related infrastructure and equipment totalling around US$9.3 trillion will be required. By 2020, approximately € 1 trillion need to be invested to secure the supply of oil, gas and electricity within Europe alone.
  6. In industrial regions like Europe, investments in a low-carbon energy supply could be carried out at stable or not significantly higher energy costs. This would probably not entail any major disadvantage with respect to Europe's international competitiveness. The ensuing tremendous gains in innovation through the development of new technologies have not been taken into consideration in the calculation.
  7. A region with a high per capita percentage of CO2 emissions can reorganise its energy supply system without necessarily substantially increasing energy costs or creating competitive disadvantages. Thus, there is no a priori reason why global decisions should be necessary. But there must be a willingness to adapt the political framework accordingly.
This is nothing but political propaganda for solar and wing energy, which may be appreciated by investors and engineers in green energy. But what about all others who have to make their living from something else than installing solar panels? And what is the meaning of the necessity to "adapt the political framework"? A one-party system maybe?

Van Ypersele who last week censored Fred Singer and myself in Brussels, delivers a Keynote Lecture with title:
  • The Climate Change Challenge: Which Scope for Action?
It appears that one of the actions contemplated by van Ypersele is censorship of anything which questions the dogma of AGW and the new political framework.

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