onsdag 2 mars 2011

Hyperreal Plagiarism of German Science

In his essay "Simulacra and Simulations," the French philosopher Baudrillard exposes
the hyper-reality of modern society as a 3rd order simulation, a simulation without origin which masks the non-existence a true origin.

Baudrillard shows that the Watergate process was aimed at giving the American people the impression of a righteous society (by ousting Nixon), but in reality masked the non-existence of a true judiciary system.

As another example of hyper-reality the German defence minister Karl Theodor zu Guttemberg
yesterday was forced out of office by 23,000 German academics in uproar because Guttemberg's Ph D thesis showed to be a copy-and-paste work.

This masks the truth of German scientists who suppress climate alarmism skeptics, in good company with the Royal Institute of Technology KTH censoring my own skeptical mathematical formulas in a delete-and-deny action described as KTH-gate.

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