måndag 7 januari 2013

The Radiation Swindle of GHE

The above graphs from Visualizing the "Greenhouse Effect" - Emission Spectra from WUWT  summarize the (supposed) physics of CO2 global warming alarmism:
  • the big ditch in the upper graph expresses the big warming effect of CO2 by blocking outgoing radiation
  • the big hump in the lower graph expresses downwelling radiation from atmospheric greenhouse gases hitting the Earth surface with warming effect.     
The radiation graphs are constructed using Planck's radiation law from temperature measurements by infrared camera, and are summarized in the Kiehl-Trenbert energy budget:

In recent posts on the greenhouse effect and older on the myth of back radiation, I have given evidence that the radiation graphs and the energy budget represent fiction without real substance, in economical terms as swindle which can be illustrated as follows:

Suppose you and your buddy are poor but want to get rich quickly, and to this end start two companies Earth and Atmosphere both with assets worth of 1 dollar say. Suppose then that you start a process of selling and buying between Earth and Atmopshere generating cash flow back and forth at a rate of say 1 billion dollar/year, which ok is fictional since no real goods are traded, only bills and payments, back an forth, but gives the impression of cash flow. Then suddenly you have two companies Earth and Atmosphere each with an impressive cash flow of 1 billion dollar/year. Now you can sell the companies and get rich.  But this would be swindle.

The radiation swindle of GHE comes from similarly inventing gross radiation back and forth from temperature measurements, by an unphysical application of Planck's law. This is probably the biggest scientific swindle of all times.

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