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The Inventors of DLR and thus GHE

Tracing the history of the corner stone of the greenhouse effect GHE in the form of downwelling long wave radiation DLR from the atmosphere to the Earth surface with a supposed warming effect from in particular CO2, leads to
where we find the following empirical formulas:
  • DLR = (a - b 10^(-ce)) sigma T^4 (Anders Ångström)
  • DLR = (a + be^0.5) sigma T^4 (Brunt)
where T is temperature and e is the vapor pressure at a 2m level above the Earth surface, and a, b and c are coefficients determined by calibration with some reference. These formulas appear to be conceived as variations of Stefan-Boltzmann's Law R = sigma T^4, expressing the radiation from a blackbody of temperature into a background at 0 K.

Ångström and Brunt thus introduced a quantity later named DLR, which could be computed according to a formula expressing a heat flux from the atmosphere to the Earth surface, which was later picked up by Brutsaert (1975) and others and formed into GHE with the effect coming from DLR and CO2. 

At the origin of climate alarmism we find three Swedes: Arrhenius(1896), Anders Ångström(1925) followed by Bert Bolin as founder of IPCC.  All three have passed away and can no longer be held responsible, but their living active followers are.

PS Knut Ångström (1900) questioned (father of Anders) the warming effect of CO2 claimed by Arrhenius (1896), but his son Anders contributed to GHE by his empirical formula for DLR.  

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