fredag 4 januari 2013

The Fiction of GHE 2

Is it possible to design a satellite radiometer/infrared thermometer which can measure the temperature of an atmospheric trace gas at the tropopause against a background of blackbody radiation from the Earth surface? This may not be possible if the trace gas has a wide spectrum since the trace gas signal will be swamped by the much stronger blackbody radiation from the Earth surface.

But if the trace gas has a narrow spectrum, like CO2, it may be possible to design a thermometer to have an equally narrow sensitivity and thereby be able to locally separate the weak narrow signal of the trace gas from the wider in total stronger background, and thereby selectively measure the temperature of the trace gas. The design and use of such a 15 micrometer CO2 thermometer is described in
Doing so would make it possible to read a clear dry sky temperature of 220 K at the tropopause, as the temperature of CO2, and from there construct the fiction of a major effect of CO2 as explained in the previous post.

Remember that the ditch in the radiance curve between 550 and 800 is computed from temperature measurement and that GHE thus critically depends on measurement of low temperature under background radiation from high temperature.

After a long search, I think I have finally come to the inner core of the CO2 alarm based on GHE, and understood that it is fiction. The CO2 ditch is also the ditch of GHE.

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  1. The supposed surface "blackbody radiation" and atmospheric "backradiation" constitute a delusional loop of excess, physically unreal energy, merely tacked on (blatantly and wrongly) by radiative transfer theorists to the real energy budget (which is just the division of incident solar energy into the various atmospheric and surface processes of radiation absorption and heat transfer). See my October 2010 article,

    "Runaway Global Warming Is Scientific Hysteria").

    As I wrote in that article, over two years ago now, "No part of the 'global energy budget' can be greater than the incident energy." That especially includes the fantasized "blackbody radiation from the surface".