lördag 19 januari 2013

Circular Reasoning of Climate Alarmism

The circular reasoning described in the previous post can be illustrated by the following example:

Suppose a government with a governmental institution GI has an agenda to redistribute the wealth in society and to this end presents a formula of the form:
  • Input (salary) = Net Value Produced + Output (societal value) 
  • Output = sigma x T^4 
  • T = level of testosterone
  • sigma is a (positive) constant.
Suppose the government to convince people about the rationality of the redistribution, opens to private business to manufacture an instrument reporting Input (salary), which is based on the above formula with direct measurement of T through a cheap blood test and of course Net Value Produced, which is easy to measure. The government can then with support from GI referring to the instrument, motivate redistribution of wealth in an objective scientific way. Right?

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