söndag 13 januari 2013

Business and Physics: Perfect Match

The existence of the greenhouse effect GHE is supposedly being evidenced by measurements of downwelling longwave radiation DLR and outgoing long wave radiation OLR obtained by e.g. pyrometers fabricated by Kipp and Zonen described as follows:
  • The CG4 pyrgeometers are used for the measurement of upwelling and downwelling components of LW irradiance (in W m-2). The instruments are sensitive to infrared radiation in a wavelength range of 4.5 to approx. 40mm, and have a field of view of 180o, with a cosine response.
This is the perfect match between business and politics: Business sells an instrument which measures DLR and OLR and thus delivers evidence of GHE to politicians in need of a cause. The fact that the DLR and OLR is fiction resulting from an incorrect interpretation of Planck's radiation law, is not made clear by physicists, because they are fully occupied with the greater fiction of string theory and multi versa.

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