måndag 21 januari 2013

Assessment of Fictional DLR

If you belong to the small group of scientists who have understood that the postulated downwelling longwave radiation DLR from the atmosphere to the Earth surface which major warming effect, is all fiction based on an incorrect reading of Stefan-Boltzmann's Law as expressing two-way heat flux between bodies in radiative contact (which does not include WUWT, Spencer, Monckton,...), then you have to struggle against massive postulated evidence of DLR of about 300 W/m2, which is more than the shortwave radiation from the Sun of about 180 W/m2 absorbed by the Earth surface. You have to struggle against assessments of DLR reported in e.g.
where you find the following data:

We can here read estimations of DLR by various formulas (Brunt, Brutsaert,..) supported by pyrgeometer measurements giving massive evidence of DLR of about 300 W/m2 with a warming effect of nearly two Suns.

To believe that this is reality, requires some self-deception, and you should not read the preceding posts including How to Fool Yourself with a Pyrgeometer. But an instrument is an instrument and if it is reporting 300 W/m2, it must surely mean something, probably something substantial since it is so powerful, or...

To understand that DLR is all fiction, requires an understanding of the correct physical form of Stefan-Boltzmann's Law and its proof. If you want to understand, you can find the Law and its proof in Mathematical Physics of Blackbody Radiation.

The last sequence of posts on DLR has led us to the Swedish physicist Knut Ångström (1857-1910) as the inventor of an instrument reporting gross two-way energy transfer including DLR upon measurement of net energy transfer or temperature difference. On the web site of Ångström  Laboratory still in operation, we read about Knut:
  • Son to (the physicist) Anders Jonas Ångström, devoted a great deal of his research to solar radiation, especially the solar constant. He was a very skilled constructor of scientific instruments and the pyrheliometer, used for measurements of the solar radiation intensity, was adopted as an intenational standard in 1905.
Yes, Knut Ångström was skillful, maybe even too skillful for the realities of this world. But Knut Ångström was critical to the major warming effect of atmospheric CO2 suggested by Arrhenius and so had at least one leg on the Earth surface.

PS Even the Sky Dragon seems to believe in the instrumental DLR fiction of the pyrgeometer, or...

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  1. I think you are into something revolutionary importent. Obviously these instruments detects some kind of effect and calculates a signal. Do you have any idea on how this effect should have been calculated correctly, and if so; please write a post about it. Also I think an edited version of all these related posts should be published more widely in a (peer reviewed?) paper.