tisdag 22 januari 2013

DLR Fiction Documented in 10 Year Report of AERI

We have identified the main evidence supporting CO2 alarmism as the radiance spectrum produced by the AERI interferometer used by the Atmospheric Radiation Measurement project ARM, as shown in the previous post. Let us see if the information supplied in the report 10 Years of AERI Data from the DOE ARM Southern Great Plains Site supports a claim that data is fabricated to serve CO2 alarmism. We read in the report:
  • One set of AERI summary products from the ARM archive includes wavenumber averages over very narrow regions of the IR spectrum; three in the LW band (675-680 cm-1, 700-705 cm-1, 985-990 cm-1) and three in the SW band (2295-2300 cm-1, 2282-2287 cm-1, and 2510-2515 cm-1). 
  • These wavenumber ranges are a measure of near surface air temperature, elevated air temperature, and IR window temperatures, respectively. 
  • Both radiance and equivalent blackbody brightness temperature are included in the ARM data archive for these summary products. 
  • The 675-680 cm-1 brightness temperature product is near the center of the carbon dioxide absorption band at 15 μm. 
  • The 2295-2300 m-1 brightness temperature product is similarly located within the 4.3 μm carbon dioxide absorption band. The 15 μm and 4.3 μm wavelengths are nearly opaque, making them good measures of the mean temperature within the first 30 meters of air above the instrument. 
We see that AERI delivers "summary products": temperature and radiance. We see that the "temperature product" is direct measurement of temperature claimed to be a good measure. This is believable. To measure temperature is not so difficult even at distance. We understand that the "radiance product" is something "fabricated" from temperature using a "formula". We see that the authors of the report admit that radiance data is fabricated by using the term "product". Here is an example of the "temperature product":

The "formula" is Planck's radiation law for radiation into a surrounding at  0 K, which is not applicable in the present cases because "downwelling longwave radiation" from the atmosphere is not emitted into a surrounding at 0 K. There is no reason to believe that the fabricated "radiance product" has anything to do with reality. There is good reason to believe that we the people are decieved by government scientists. But if science can be used to decieve, science can also be used to reveal deception.

Here is a picture of AERI as acronym of the suggestive name Atmospheric Emitted Radiance Interferometer, which in fact is an infrared thermometer:

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