torsdag 16 september 2010

Climate Alarmism Without Energy

Climate alarmism feeds on a "greenhouse effect" resulting from "backradiation" as illustrated
  • 100% backradiation 
  • 117% =390 W/m2  outgoing radiation from the Earth surface
  • 48% total incoming radiation from the Sun to the Earth surface 
  • 30% transported by convection/evaporation from the Earth surface to the atmosphere.
This represents a severely underfinanced budget with 117% going out and 48% coming in. In politics this may pass as inevitable (for some time), but in science this is catastrophical.

In Computational Blackbody Radiation I show that the "backradiation" creating the NASA budget miracle, is unphysical and purely fictional.  This eliminates the main source of energy 
to climate alarmism. 

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  1. This looks pretty much like my bank account...

    Just a thought: If radiation from the surface is so much more important than convection, then why don't we find *real* greenhouses that build on this principle, i.e. contain the outgoing radiation? Surely it would be possible to make some kind of one-way mirror for the purpose? According to this energy budget, such a greenhouse would have been a lot more efficient, right?

  2. Claes, NASA have another energy budget diagram here It makes more sense but it likely still to be incorrect. There is likely to be more heat transferred from the surface (about 70% water surfaces) by convection (particularly forced convection from winds) and latent heat. Also, the radiation "window" is likely to be greater. I have read (and visually confirmed) that the "window" on a clear day (without clouds) is about 40%. If cloud absorption (average over one year) is say 67% that still leaves a window of 13%.
    The following maybe of some interest


  3. Yes, NASA carries a double radiative budget. Clever?