onsdag 9 september 2009

Mathematics Integrated with IT in School Education?

As noted in the previous blog, mathematics education of today is in many ways similar to the education in religion of yesterday, which is no longer mandatory in Western schools. 

From this experience we may expect that mathematics will not be mandatory tomorrow. Does this mean that students will no longer learn any mathematics. Not at all! 

A new subject is now entering education on all levels: Information Technology or IT.  Most likely IT will replace mathematics as the core of education together with language. But IT is largely based on logic, programming and computational mathematics, and it is possible to envision an IT education which teaches more mathematics than the present system does. More relevant mathematics for everybody and much more for students with special interest in mathematics and IT.

Integrating mathematics education with IT education is the logical conclusion of the mathematical war in the 1930s, which was won by the constructivists when Gödel hit the logicist/formalist school with his incompleteness theorems. After 80 years of incubation with a rise of the IT age, Gödel's poison now starts to have an effect. After all, IT and constructivist/computational mathematics is the same.

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