söndag 13 september 2009

Reinfeldt to Zuma: Emission Control and Poverty

The recent summit in South Africa co-chaired by President Jakob Zuma and Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt, who holds the 27-country EU's rotating presidency, dealt with climate change.

Reinfeldt was received with red carpet, military parade and music corps during his first visit to South Africa.

Zuma expressed the view that African countries would veto any climate change deal if rich countries do not meet their demand for money, which some experts said could be up to $200-billion a year.

Reinfeldt expressed the view that developing countries should focus more on the longer-term climate threat than on an economic downturn.

Emission control and poverty in developing countries seems to be message from EU and Reinfelt, which is not acceptable to Zuma and African countries. What does mathematics tell? What will be the deal in Copenhagen, between the rich and the poor? 

If Reinfeldt cannot convince South Africans to stay poor or the EU voters to pay the bill, which seems pretty obvious, will he still insist at the prize of loosing his job, or will he rethink, listen to facts of science and focus on something more constructive? 

Reinfeldt has shown that he is a pragmatist by reforming the old conservative party into the new moderates replacing the socialdemocrats as the party for everybody,  and thus seems to follow reason rather than ideology.

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