tisdag 22 september 2009

The Importance of Setting Limits

The goal for the Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen of a global agreement on reduction of CO2 emissions is now being turned down into instead an agreement to limit global warming to 2 degrees Celcius.  Swedish Minister of Environment Andreas Carlgren leading EU at the conference expresses his ambition as follows:
  • The is key is to continue to keep the 2 degree limit within reach.
  • If we focus on the 2 degree limit, then we can put aside discussions on emission control.
What a clever idea! But why limit this clever limit idea to only global warming? Why not agree to limit 
  • global cooling to - 2 degrees and avoid the coming ice age?
  • global economy growth to minimum 2% and avoid economic downturn?
  • the speed of light to 200.000 km/s?
  • budget deficits to 2%?
  • bank loan losses in the Baltic states to 2%?
Of course without any discussion of how this may be accomplished. But do voters really swallow such arguments? Or only politicians?

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