onsdag 16 september 2009

Hurrah! Simulation Technology Approved but Will Not Be Started!

The new Bachelor program in Simulation Technology ST at KTH proposed by the School of Computer Science and Communication CSC, has been approved by the Board of KTH 
but the start will be delayed to 2011 or later,  according to Dean of Faculty Folke Snickars. The reason seems to be that the School of Engineering Sciences opposes the new program.  

At the brink of success, the air goes out of the CSC-ST balloon, or at least out of me. ST is based on a new interactive web-version of Body&Soul , which I intended to supply to KTH. But at my age when every year is a fortune, delays are hard to accept and I thus may have to seek another platform for Body&Soul than CSC-KTH, and there are many possibilities:

Mathematics education is in a deepening crisis, much deeper than the financial crisis, and there is a desperate need of a reformed math education that can bring back students and encourage students to learn useful mathematics. Body&Soul seeks to fill this need and no alternatives are visible: The math department at KTH is representative in offering the same courses as 50 years ago. The time scale at KTH seems to be a century, while the time scale in the World around of today is a year, and this is also my timescale...it is now, or never...for me...

KTH has now decided to start ST at in 2011.

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