söndag 9 oktober 2011

DLR as Voodo Science

The previous posts on Downwelling Longwave Radiation DLR suggest to describe DLR as a voodo fetish, that is, a man-made object with supernatural power.

Sticking pins in a voodo doll is believed to cause real wounds. Imagining DLR hitting from above is believed to cause global warming.

How can you convince yourself if a scientific phenomenon is a fetish or reality? Well, it depends on how the phenomenon is made by man. If it is the result of a rational scientific argument, then it may be reality. If it is an ad hoc assumption, then it may be only a fetish.

What about DLR then? Reality or fiction/fetish? How is DLR made? It is made up from an extension of Stefan-Boltzmann's law. How is this extension made up? It is an ad hoc assumption which is not described in physics literature. The conclusion is that DLR is voodo science.

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