söndag 16 oktober 2011

Curry on Straw Dog of False-SB

Judy Curry answers on her blog my question about Stefan-Boltzmann's radiation law and DLR:
  • Claes, true to form, you set up a straw dog to knock down. The Stefan Boltzmann equation is the integral of the Planck function.
  • No one calculates atmospheric radiative heat transfer using the Stefan Boltzmann equation (not since the 1960′s, anyways).
I follow up with the following questions related to Judy's statement that DLR/False-SB is a straw dog:
  1. Do you agree with me that DLR should once and for all be removed from climate science?
  2. Do you agree with me that the Kiehl-Trenberth energy budget with DLR is grossly incorrect?
  3. Do you agree with me that climate scientists have invented a form of SB which does not have support in physics literature, and which in fact is false because it involves a violation of the 2nd law?
  4. Have you read an digested my derivations of Planck/SB without statistics of quanta?I appreciate prompt answers, which should be possible since you are now on line.
I will report on Judy's answers...It appears that Judy is thinking deeply about what to say and
this may take time, but the questions remain and will not disappear just because Judy closes her eyes...

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  1. Radiation from the atmosphere is a physical fact. It is not possible to make it disappear, especially not with the bizarre and specious arguments you keep coming out with. To deny its existence is, as I have said before, literally insane, as insane as denying the existence of the Sun or the Moon.

  2. Judy has abandoned backradiation and I am now waiting for a declaration that she has also given up DLR. Wait with your conclusions until Judy has
    said what science is telling her.

  3. Anonym @ 1st comment obviously has no understanding of heat & mass transfer (which by the way is a chemical engineering discipline). Maybe he is from the "political science" school which seems to fit "climate science" ie all politics and no science.
    Judith Curry's second point is interesting but supprising. Not long ago she was praising the likes of Pierre Humbert and Science of Doom who both have demonstrated as complete lack of understanding of heat & mass transfer and ignorance of measurement and statistical verification.
    Maybe, at last, Prof Curry has looked at some of the work of Prof Hoyt Hottel and possibly been in touch with an expert at MIT such as Prof Janos Beer (who I met many years ago at the International Flame Research Foundation in Holland)
    (tried to use the wordpress profile but did not seem to work)
    keep strong cementafriend

  4. Cementafriend,

    not really true that it is an chemical engineering discipline solely. We do mass and heat transfer in the applied mechanics department to...