tisdag 18 oktober 2011

Climate Crisis vs Financial Crisis?

CO2 alarmism is based on the Kiel-Trenberth global energy budget with massive two-way transfer of heat energy between the atmosphere and the Earth of the order of 350 W/m2 as Downwelling/Upwelling Longwave Radiation (DLR/ULR), about the same as the total input from the Sun.

There is an analogy in global economy as a massive two-way transfer of money between state and people, or between central banks and commercial banks. The financial crisis can be seen as an expression of the instability arising from such a massive two-way transfer, which appears to create heaps of money out of nothing, like writing 0 = 100 - 100 and seeing 100s appearing from 0.

DLR/ULR similarly represents an instability of global climate, which by CO2 alarmists is being used to sell a climate crisis.

The financial crisis is real, because there is an unstable two-way flow of money between state and people. The question is now if the climate crisis is real, because there is an unstable two-way flow of heat energy between the atmosphere and the Earth as DLR/ULR?

In short: Is DLR/ULR reality or fiction? Does Nature have a central bank which can issue energy bonds and supply a global climate market with energy capital, out of nothing?

No, there is no direct evidence that Nature has such a central bank. There is no direct evidence that DLR/ULR is real, and thus there is no direct evidence of a climate crisis.

GWPF reports Europe Reconsidering Its Unilateral Climate Policy. It is clear that Europe cannot handle both a financial crisis and a climate crisis. If there is no climate crisis after all, then the financial crisis may be possible to resolve by limiting the unstable two-way transfer of money, following what Mother Earth is doing with the flow of energy to keep a stable climate.

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  1. The problem arises because the physics is treated with the point of view of the accountants and some pretend to read it using a double entry book-keeping.
    Then, the physicists would resign the DLR/URL argument to the economists because it is outside their competence.

  2. Michele, engineers (at least this one) understand double entry bookkeeping even if some economists and accountants do not. One needs to determine where profits and costs lie to determine where there are problems and how problems maybe solved. Engineers as long ago as the "father of engineering" Imhotep (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Imhotep) invented cost accounting. When examining the accounts of a company or even country it is necessary to know more than the overall balance (which could be fiddled by accounting tricks such as timing or provision accounts) but the breakup of income and expenses and the balance of each.
    In making measurements engineers also like to obtain independent results for crosschecking (a simple example is checking the diagonals of a rectangle to ensure that the sides have the correct dimensions. In surveying it is called closure)
    As Claes says K-T or F-T-K have used a fiddle to make their system balance. Actually, it does not balance because Trenberth has admitted that he knows that the radiation "window" is 66w/m2 as determined from satellite measurement and not the 40w/m2 he has assumed (or guessed)
    keep strong cementafriend