söndag 9 oktober 2011

Aniconism in Islam vs Science

The previous posts on the fiction of DLR and climate alarmism, connect to the aniconism in Islam as the proscription against the creation of images of God, followed by Depictions of Muhammad, the Prophets including relatives, and more generally all humans and animals, which has led to Islamic art being dominated by Islamic geometric patterns.

On the other hand, in Christianity images play a very important role. Images are also very important in science and technology, and icons have a key role in modern life.

Images are suggestive and the aniconism of Islam may stem from experience that pictures may be too suggestive. Refraining from making images decreases the risk of believing that something is real, which in fact is only illusion. A colorful image of Hell, can make people believe that Hell (or Heaven) is real.

As an example, the reality of DLR is evidenced by colored images of DLR, as shown in the previous post.

Mathematical formulas can be viewed as a images, and as such are supposed to be maximally suggestive at the risk of being misinterpreted. An example is the Stefan-Boltzmann law underlying DLR, which is suggested by the following image:

  • R = sigma (T^4 - T_b^4) = sigma T^4 - sigma T_b^4 = R_out - R_in,

where the net radiance R is torn apart into the difference between the two quantities R_in and R_out appearing after a manipulation of the image according to a certain algebraic rule, Here where R_in may represent DLR.

This is like a Photoshop manipulation of an image of something real, with the manipulated image without real origin, as in hyperreality.

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