fredag 1 april 2011

KTH-gate: Surprising Happy Resolution

KTH-gate is the scandal that hit KTH in the fall 2010 with censorship of my educational literature
  • BodyandSoul: Mathematical Simulation Technology (MST)
two weeks after the start of the second year course Numerical Methods II, accompanied by a student driven mediastorm, where KTH-President Peter Gudmundson motivated the censorship by:
But two weeks before the end of the course, it was discovered by some talented KTH-hackers that the tsunami almost wrecking KTH, came out from an unfortunate mix-up of MST with the following work
  • BodyandSoul: Masoschistical Stimulation Techniques, by Sarah Pahlin.
Once the real BodyandSoul was introduced to the innocent by then disoriented students, the protests vanished and were replaced by a veritable euphoria:
  • It is wonderful, it seems I am flying, it is so good, everything so new, so clear and yet so thrilling.
  • This is the new IT-world brought right into the heart of education.
  • What we have been dreaming of since we started at KTH.
  • Simulation Technology makes me feel competent and knowledgable, and I am sure I will get a very good job with these amazing computational tools we´re learning, which will allow me to construct any number of exciting Apps for the Ipad.
The President Peter Gudmundson is relieved by the miraculous resolution of a problem that bogged him down for weeks and had him think of resignation:
  • Reading the real BodyandSoul made me think that after all we are doing something meaningful here at KTH, something that can have a real impact. I am so glad.
  • In particular I am extremely thankful that Professor Claes Johnson moved his position from Chalmers to KTH and saved us from sclerosis academica.
  • Next year the whole education at KTH will be directed by the visionary writings of this eminent scholar and friend. Horray!
Compare with Christian Science Monitor: Scientists admit global warming is hoax.

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