torsdag 14 april 2011

Sawtooth Dynamics: Life vs Climate

There are two kinds of sawtooth dynamics:
  1. slow build-up followed by rapid release,
  2. fast build-up followed by slow release.
I show in The Clock and the Arrow that biological life shows sawtooth dynamics of type 1:
  • Necessarily slow growth followed by possibly quick death:
  • Slow growth from a one-cell embryo by successive cell divisions into a fullgrown individual over a long period, which can be killed by one shot in one second.
More generally, sawtooth dynamics of type 1 sets The Direction of Time: from birth to death.

Sawtooth dynamics of type 2 is seen in the above figure showing the temperature variation over the last 4 glaciations during the last 450 thousand years:
  • fast increase of temperature over 10.000 years,
  • followed by slow decrease over 90.000 years.
Type 2 dynamics is also seen in turbulent flow with sudden bursts into violent highly oscillating flow followed by longer period of dissipation into less violent flow. A mathematical model analysis is found in Chapter 261 of Mathematical Simulation Technology (download from this blog top left): The Crash Model. An analysis of sawtooth dynamics in turbulence is presented in Computational Turbulent Incompressible Flow.

Type 2 dynamics can be seen as the result of ``ignition" when certain conditions come together to form an ``explosion" which is followed by a prolonged period of release or recovery. In this perspective an interglacial warm period (of about 10.000 years) is an explosion ignited from a glaciation temperature minimium as the happy result of a happy coincidence of certain favorable conditions (Earth orbit, Earth axis tilt, Earth-Moon interaction, Sun activity...) For more information on glaciation cycles, check out Global Warming - Global Cooling Natural Cause Found.

We are now approaching the end of such a happy explosion and will have to wait about 100.000 years before the next burst allows humanity to thrive again...and populate North Europe including Sweden...

There are many examples of sawtooth dynamics of type 2 (often with just one tooth): For example the author of the bestseller, who came out of the blue but then disappeared into darkness unable to find that favorable combination of conditions allowing the ignition to repeat. Will the Earth be able to produce yet another warming bestseller or will it end up in a creative cramp from freezing? It is possible that computational mathematical modeling can give the answer, but we may not want to know...

In any case, we can sum up this post as follows:
  • life with its direction of time shows sawtooth dynamics type 1
  • climate may show sawtooth dynamics type 2.

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  1. Life is very vulnerable to human activities, climate is perhaps not. Or shall we hope it is?

  2. The theory of regularly repeating ice ages is just another form of "runaway climate", based upon the unquestioned dogma of uniformitarian meaninglessness of the world. It is also at odds with the equally unquestioned dogma of undirected (and thus equally meaningless) evolution of the world, and of all the life on it. How does anything develop ("evolve") if it can only go around in circles, with regularly repeating disasters (whether "ice ages" or geological upheavals)? My research has proven that both dogmas are in fact wrong, or fundamentally misinterpreted, and need to be questioned and overthrown, if scientific knowledge is to advance from this point on. All of the earth and life sciences have dug themselves into a deep hole, of bad theories based upon false dogma, that ignores the real history of man on Earth. Plate tectonics is wrong, undirected evolution is wrong, "runaway climate" is wrong, and eternally repeating global disaster is wrong. And despite the ice core records, "ice ages" theory is wrong, as is Milankovitch theory. All mankind once believed in the "gods", and for good reasons: They really existed, and they re-formed the Earth, and solar system, less than 20,000 years ago.

    See, for example, just one piece of critical, decisive evidence:

    Challenge to Earth Scientists

    And you all thought simply being a "climate skeptic" was hard. Incompetent climate science is just the currently most visible tip of the iceberg.