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The IPCC Trick: Climate Instability by Backradiation 4

A card force trick results in the magician (you) knowing the position of a card which you have selected. This position may be "top of the deck", "bottom of the deck" or a more advanced position such as the "fingernail cut". You then "force" this card on a victim who thinks he is picking of his own free will.

Let us now ask if the World and its leaders is subject to forced card trick by IPCC into believing that a Greenhouse Effect (GHE) is causing disastrous global warming, and therefore by free will is preparing to stop burning fossil fuels, with serious consequences for billions of people.

You can discover a trick yourself if you suspect that you are subject to a trick. Let us then suppose that you have prepared yourself by reading the previous posts 1-3 on this thread and thereby have come to suspect that you might be subject to a trick, without yet being fully sure.

Now watch how IPCC in AR4 2007 describes the GreenHouse Effect (GHE):
  • The reason the Earth’s surface is this warm is the presence of greenhouse gases, which act as a partial blanket for the longwave radiation coming from the surface.
  • This blanketing is known as the natural greenhouse effect.
  • The most important greenhouse gases are water vapour and carbon dioxide.
  • About half of the incoming solar radiation is absorbed by the Earth’s surface.
  • This energy is transferred to the atmosphere by warming the air in contact with the surface (thermals), by evapotranspiration and by longwave radiation that is absorbed by clouds and greenhouse gases.
  • The atmosphere in turn radiates longwave energy back to Earth as well as out to space.
  • Human activities intensify the blanketing effect through the release of greenhouse gases.
  • Thus, humankind has dramatically altered the chemical composition of the global atmosphere with substantial implications for climate.
Further, watch the history of GHE as described by IPCC:
  • In 1824, Joseph Fourier argued ``the temperature [of the Earth] can be augmented by the interposition of the atmosphere, because heat in the state of light finds less resistance in penetrating the air, than in repassing into the air when converted into non-luminous heat".
  • In 1859, John Tyndall identified through laboratory experiments the absorption of thermal radiation by complex molecules (water vapor and CO2).
  • In 1895, Svante Arrhenius followed with a climate prediction based on greenhouse gases, suggesting that a 40% increase or decrease in the atmospheric abundance of the trace gas CO2 might trigger the glacial advances and retreats.
  • One hundred years later, it would be found that CO2 did indeed vary by this amount between glacial and interglacial periods. However, it now appears that the initial climatic change preceded the change in CO2 but was enhanced by it (Section 6.4).
  • G. S. Callendar (1938) solved a set of equations linking greenhouse gases and climate change. He found that a doubling of atmospheric CO2 concentration resulted in an increase in the mean global temperature of 2°C.
Now you come to the analysis part. Are we/you subject to a trick, a Scientific Trick, or not?
How to argue? Well, a Scientific Trick can be revealed by inspecting its key elements and decide if they represent science or non-science or nonsense. OK, so here are the elements of GHE:
  1. GHE discovered 1824 by Fourier
  2. the atmosphere acts like a blanket warming the Earth by backradiation
  3. humankind have dramatically altered the composition of the atmosphere
  4. with substantial implications.
Recalling the posts 1-3 of this thread, you will be able to confront these statements with reality and decide if you are subject to a trick.

Notice that to discover a Scientific Trick you do not have to be a scientist. To understand real science you have to be a scientist is some sense, but to understand scientific fraud it may be enough with common sense. To understand why something is true, may require scientific insight, but to understand that something is seriously wrong may be possible with just common sense.

To perform a forced card trick you need to be a magician in some some sense, but to reveal
a trick it may suffice with a bit of common sense.

I hope you are now determined to go ahead and investigate if you and the World are subject to a Scientific Trick performed by IPCC? The evidence is there and you have the common sense.
Is there forcing? If so what is it? What is your verdict?

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