onsdag 14 juli 2010

Why Physicists Do Not Deny Backradiation

In previous posts I have noticed that physicists say nothing about the physics basis of climate alarmism in the form of backradiation, in particular not that this is an unphysical phenomenon which cannot be observed. Why do they say nothing? By conspiration? 

No, it is because (blackbody) radiation is an emergent phenomenon arising in a molecular system as coherent waves of different frequencies carried by many interacting oscillating molecules. Modern physics is extremely reductionistic in its obsession with elementary particles and has little to say about systems and emergent phenomena in systems. 

Modern physics, initiated in an "act of despair" by Planck, deals with systems resorting to statistics, but statistics is not reality because statistics concerns ensemble averages (throwing one dice many times), and reality does not come from ensembles: Voters do not throw dice to vote and neither do molecules when deciding how to interact. Physics is not statistics.

But if physicists have nothing to say about the physics of backradiation, who will then have to do the job they are paid for?

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