torsdag 15 juli 2010

Blackbody Radiation without Backradiation

My knol Blackbody Radiation was written well before I got interested in climate physics. It shows to play an important role in my argument that atmospheric backradiation is unphysical put forward in previous posts. The knol has so far received 3000 views. Read it if you are interested in understanding if backradiation is physical or not! 

The knol is based on Computational Blackbody Radiation, a draft of an upcoming book which I now have new incentive to try to complete. The key idea is that finite precision computation continuum wave mechanics can replace statistics of discrete particles, a possibly far-reaching idea...

The essence of the matter was understood by Leibniz in his remark that a large bill can be converted into coins, but a heap of coins is worthless because nobody will accept it. In other words: high frequency waves can be easily be converted into low frequency waves plus heat, but not the other way around. Think of it, like Leibniz.

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