tisdag 6 juli 2010

Turbulence as Breakdown by Instability

In previous posts I have argued that backradiation is unphysical because it is unstable and thus will break down if attempted. Backradiation acts like an escalating war with each attack countered by another attack, like in the Iceandic sagas of revenge, until complete destruction.

Turbulence is an example of breakdown by instability, where velocity gradients are sharpened
into violent kinetic motion which eventually is smashed by a police of dissipation into small scale motion perceived as heat.

The instability of turbulent flow also shows up as a capability of creating something out of nothing, namely vorticity or swirling flow out of a swirlfree flow, as when a swirling tornado is created from still air (without a big fan).

You can inform yourself about properties of turbulent flow including instabilities and turbulent dissipation in Computational Turbulent Incompressible Flow.

Another example of creation out of nothing is a financial or real estate boom with fortunes
suddenly emerging. What we can learn from turbulence is that such a process is unstable and will necessarily lead to a breakdown with the only remaining value being the heat of burning bills...

We can also learn that such creation out of nothing (maybe like virtual particles in QED) comes along with a cost of dissipation, which is necessary to curb the forces released by the instability.

Thus creation out of nothing without cost may only be a dream (even in QED).

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