torsdag 16 april 2015

Bengtsson vs Curry and The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences

To The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences

Lennart Bengtsson is leading climate scientist in Sweden and Judith Curry in the US. Their respective leading roles are made clear by the facts that Bengtsson is a main author of the new statement by the Royal Swedish Academy on The Scientific Basis for Climate Change and Curry was called to represent climate science in The House of Representatives Committee on Science, Space and Technology Hearing on the President’s UN Climate Pledge under the title Scientifically Justified or New Tax on Americans?

Let us compare the following main conclusions by Bengtsson and Curry:

Curry states: Recent research has sharpened the blade of the sword in the direction of
  • C1: less impact from human-caused climate change. 
  • C2: greater political and economic infeasibility of meaningful reductions in CO2 emissions.
Bengtsson states (my translation):
  • B1: The ongoing rapid accumulation of CO2 in the atmosphere is a serious problem. 
  • B2: Without active counter-measures may a high concentration of CO2 remain in the atmophere over hundreds of years.
We understand that C1 and B1 are incompatible and that C2 says that the active measures of B2 are not meaningful.  

The only reasonable way to handle this controversy, which is of fundamental importance for Swedish climate politics to be formed, is to invite Curry to meet Bengtsson in an open hearing organized by The Society.

I thus urge The Society to organize such a hearing as soon as possible. In the event Curry for some reason will be unable to attend such a hearing in person, a written evaluation by Curry of the statement by The Society should be requested.

I ask The Society to respond to my request.


Claes Johnson

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