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Einstein: Paradoxical Unlimited Imagination

Einstein's theory of relativity is viewed to be the highest achievement of human mind and imagination all times, but relativity theory is paradoxically based on a dictate to eliminate relativity by asking everybody to adopt a common view.

In fact, Einstein's whole life and work are filled with paradoxes (with more as Einsteinian Contradictions and Questioning Relativity 1-20):
  • Einstein was awarded the Nobel Prize not because, but despite of his relativity theory.
  • Einstein gave his Nobel Prize speech on relativity theory, while he was awarded the prize for the photoelectric effect.
  • The Nobel Prize motivation pointed to the discovery of law of photoelectricity, which excluded Einstein's derivation of the law.
  • Relativity theory itself is loaded with paradoxes such as the twin and ladder paradoxes.
  • Relativity theory is incompatible with quantum mechanics.
  • Einstein developed general relativity about gravitation from special relativity about light and focussed on the relation between gravitation and light and not matter.
  • Einstein did not claim to understand relativity theory himself and very few have claimed to do.
  • Einstein's universe of "curved space" appears to be flat.  
  • The effects of general relativity are too small to be observed, yet they are supposed to change our conception of both space and time.
  • Einstein had trouble with elementary mathematics, but developed a theory based on more advanced mathematics which he did not master himself. 
  • Einstein was regarded by fellow physicists to be senile in early middle age.
  • What Einstein said himself:
  • Here in Princeton I am considered an old fool.
  • It strikes me as unfair, and even bad taste, to select a a few individuals for boundless admiration, attributing superhuman powers of mind and character to them.
  • Why is it that nobody understands me, and everybody likes me?
  • The idea of general relativity is a purely formal point of view and not a definite hypothesis about nature.
  • I neglected mathematics...because ny intuition was not strong enough to differentiate the fundamentally important from the dispensable erudition.
For more see Dr Faustus of Modern Physics and Many-Minds Relativity. Einstein's relativity is One-Mind Relativity, which is paradoxical!

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