måndag 5 april 2010

French Academy on Climate Science

Financial Post reports that at the suggestion of France’s science minister, Valérie Pécresse,
  • France’s National Academy of Sciences will hold an official debate on climate change totry to defuse this newly explosive issue.
  • The Academy of Sciences debate, expected to be held by October of this year, follows two months of heated debate on radio and television, during which France’s two most prominent sceptics, Claude Allegre and Vincent Courtillot, have sown great doubt in the minds of a once unskeptical French public.
  • Allegre’s new book, L'imposture climatique (The Climate Fraud), has especially caused the French public to reconsider the conventional wisdom about global warming. In this runaway best-seller (110,000 copies sold to date), Allegre, France’s most celebrated scientist and a former Science Minister in a socialist government, calls the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change IPCC, a "mafia-like system" that promotes a "baseless myth" about climate change.
The French Academy of Sciences thus takes a different approach than the Royal Society of London and the Royal Swedish Academy, which under their wings keep IPCC from total collapse. It seems that an Academy without Royals can be more free to follow scientific principles...

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