onsdag 8 februari 2012

Will KTH Simulation Technology Start 2012?

The KTH Bachelor program in Simulation Technology based on BodyandSoul scheduled to start in the Fall 2011 was stopped because of opposition to BodyandSoul at KTH.

The program is now scheduled to start in the Fall 2012 with BodyandSoul replaced by new material to be developed by people without connection to BodyandSoul. The "new material" is described as a "new view of mathematics" =
This leads to the contradiction of both using BS and not using BS. The program will thus both start and not start in the Fall 2012. The program is described in the program catalog as follows:
  • In education and entertainment the development of simulators, games and animation for film, web and mobiles, is based on increasingly advanced technology.
But contradictions are not allowed in mathematics, nor in reality.

Application to the new program is not yet open with applications due April 15.

No new information about the program has appeared on the web since December 1, 2011. No recruitment effort is visible.

KTH now has to choose (i) starting the program without new material, or (ii) closing down the program because of lack of new material. Bets are 50-50.

There is also a third possibility: If too few apply (because of lack of information) then the program will not start and the issue of new material or not will not arise. This may be a clever harmonious resolution following a principle of least resistance.

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