måndag 6 februari 2012

Swedish Minister of Education and KTH Put Ban on iLearning

1. Swedish Minister of Education Jan Björklund is threatening to put a ban on the use of iPads in learning to read and write for children in preschool and first years of school. These skills can only be allowed to be taught and learned using the traditional method of pencil + paper, says Björklund and threatens to send the School Inspection to any school using iLearning.

2. Several universities in Europe are effectively puttting a ban on scientific questioning of CO2 alarmism, see also Varenholt disinvited.

3. KTH has put a ban on my iLearning mathematics program BodyandSoul, in what has been termed KTH-Gate connecting to both 1. and 2.

We see in all three cases a narrow establishment in politics, science and eduction struggling to prevent (with inspiration from 1984) the new democratic iWave from reaching the people ....but the wave is strong...and it is coming...next year many children will learn to read and write and thus open the door to science using an iPad...

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