torsdag 9 februari 2012

Royal Society and Royal Swedish Academy vs Science

Andrew Montford provides in Nullius in Verba The Royal Society and Climate Change:
  • a straightforward and unembellished chronology of the perversion not only of The Royal Society but of science itself, wherein the legitimate role of science as a powerful mode of inquiry is replaced by the pretence of science to a position of political authority
as expressed by Richard Lindzen in a foreword.

Since the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences closely follows in the foot-steps of the Royal Society, the words by Lindzen also applies to its Swedish adherent.

The world now sees the alarmism of IPCC freezing away, because the science is cold and the scientific credibility supplied by the Royals has little weight. It seems that the Royals are aiming at the same influence in science as that of the King of Sweden in politics, as expressed by The Telegraph:
And if the RS is a joke, then so is the Royal Swedish Academy.

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