torsdag 16 februari 2012

The Education Index

The previous post made the observation that the ibook as interactive textbook opens to a new form of education, which can be termed iducation characterized by active learning combined with passive teaching.

The spectrum of education can be described as follows:
  1. active learning + passive teaching = iducation = motivated students + few lectures
  2. passive learning + active teaching = non-motivated students + many lectures
  3. active learning + active teaching = motivated students + many lectures,
  4. passive learning + passive teaching = non-motivated students + few lectures.
This leads into the Education Index EI defined as
  • EI = Learning Result/Teaching Cost = Course Grade per Euro ,
which is something a Minister of Education understands and is interested in knowing in order to properly allocate resources.

Let us compare the EI for the above cases 1 - 4 covering the spectrum of education:
  1. EI = 10/1 = 10
  2. EI = 1/10 = 0.1
  3. EI = 10/10 = 1
  4. EI = 0.1/1 = 0.1
Swedish Minister of Education Jan Björklund prescribes a system with many lectures for which the EI is at most 1, to be compared with EI = 10 for iducation.

But is it true that iducation forms motivated students?

Yes, the iPad as educational toy is met with great enthusiasm by both children, teachers and parents. With the iPad kids will learn to read, write and count already in preschool, because they want to learn, and they want to learn because they are motivated, and they are motivated by the iPad. If you don't think this is true, give a child an iPad and see what happens!

And if you know to read, write and count, then you are ready for a university education, right after preschool!

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