måndag 10 januari 2011

Simulation Technology, BodyandSoul and NADA 2

Tomorrow the committee for education GRU at CSC will decide to subject the Bachelor program in Simulation Technology (ST) at KTH based on BodyandSoul (BS), to an emergency stop, or to let it start in the Fall according to plan.

However, the decision, of vital importance for the survival of Numerical Analysis at KTH (also named NADA = Nothing), has already been taken, and the decision is: STOP! NADA ST/BS!

How do I know? Because I am not invited to the meeting and I am the author of BS: If ST/BS was to start according to plan, an agreement with me to supply BS would be necessary, and no such agreement has been signed. Not even a preliminary discussion about such an agreement has taken place. NADA.

No evaluation of the performance of BS in the test course Numerical Analysis II, has been made, and would not matter anyway: Even if BS was found to be remarkably successful, which is likely, would the emergency stop of ST/BS be prevented, because the decision has already been made: STOP ST/BS. NADA ST/ST. At any price, by all means, as displayed in KTH-gate.

This means that my work to develop a new version of BS for ST, in agreement with NA, has lacked purpose all along, simply a funny joke to keep me busy with something meaningless.

But is it so funny to start the deconstruction of NA at KTH into the same annihilation as NA at Chalmers, according to a dictate by the school of (pure) mathematics? Into NADA. Honestly speaking?

PS The GRU meeting is postponed and so the decision to stop or let go.
Applications for ST are to be made before April 15 and the ST brochure (page 9 and 87) is out for eager students to view and dream about. Every delay of the emergency stop will increase the frustration of the students finding that their dream was just a dream...

PS Jan 12: The NA group is wrestling in agony over having to reject ST because it builds on BS and there are some people who don't like BS, while owning the ST program would bring so many advantages to so many people. Rejecting ST will bring NA into free fall, and apparently the forces (they have no faces and names) are so strong that annihilation is chosen before a bit of BS. If anything, it shows the strength of BS. But it is a sad story, for many including those who destroy.

PS Jan 20: It appears that now the mission is complete: ST/BS resolutely stopped by the leadership of NADA, behind closed doors without any open discussion. The same as if parents would stop their childs in their ambitions to do something constructive with their lives, just because the parents are envious and do not want to see their children having a better life than
they were able to.

The stop was effectuated by the virtual leader of NADA Björn Engquist during one of his rare one day real time visits to his department. Efficient leadership.

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  1. Jag förmodar att GRU är förkortningen för sovjets militära underrättelsetjänst.