måndag 10 januari 2011

Backradiation of CO2 Climate Alarmism vs Audio Feedback

CO2 climate alarmism is based on an idea of "backradiation" from the atmosphere to the Earth (surface) of radiation emanating from the Earth, which "enhances" the radiation from the Sun
reaching the Earth, as a "greenhouse effect" from absorption by atmospheric "greenhouse gases".

The postulated "greenhouse effect" is thus based on a feedback loop between Earth and atmosphere of the same nature as occuring in audio feedback between a microphone and loudspeaker.

"backradiation" is a fictitious phenomenon without physical reality, because it is unstable.
The postulated "greenhouse effect" is thus also dead reality.

Let us see if we can learn anything from audio feedback which helps understanding why a "greenhouse effect" based on "backradiation" is fiction.

Both a microphone and a loudspeaker can be seen as a vibrating membrane in contact with
both the air and an electric circuit. The microphone and loudspeaker connect both through the air by acoustic waves and by a connection between the electrical circuits, and thus form a

In principle the microphone and loudspeaker look the same, and so which is which? Well, you speak into the microphone and listen to the loadspeaker, but which is which?

But you say: There is also an amplifier, and the amplifier amplifies the electrical signal from the microphone to the loadspeaker, which tells you which is which.

Now, audio feedback arises when you put the microphone too close to the loadspeaker, so that
the original input to the microphone (from the vocalist say) is enhanced by the output from the loudspeaker. When that happens the audio system goes wild and the music breaks down.

Can you get audio feedback without an amplifier? No. Why? Because there are always losses,
dissipative losses generating heat, which have to be overcome by amplifcation and energy input. No matter how close you put the microphone to the loadspeaker, with the amplifier shut off there will be no audio feedback. Try it!

Now back to the "backradiation" of the "greenhouse effect": We can view the Earth as the microphone sending radiation received from the Sun (the vocalist) to the atmosphere as the loadspeaker radiating to outer space as the audience. "Backradiation" would correspond to
audio feedback requiring an amplifier. But there is no known amplifier in the Earth-atmosphere radiative system, neither is there any evidence that such an amplifier could exist.

The conclusion is that the "backradiation" of the "greenhouse effect" is as non-existent as audio feedback with the amplifier shut off. If you don't believe it, try to get audi feedback without amplifier once more.

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