fredag 28 maj 2010

The Royals are Losing Faith

The Royal Society will revise its public statement on climate change, because 
  • communications did not properly distinguish between what was widely agreed on climate science and what is not fully understood.
The society's ruling council has responded by setting up a panel to produce a consensus document. Members express:
  • any society like this there will inevitably be people who disagree about anything - and my fear is that the society may become paralysed on this issue
  • The sceptics have been very strident and well-organised. It's not clear to me how we are going to get precise agreement on the wording 
  • some of the previous communications of the organisation in the past were poorly judged.
Will also the Royal Swedish of Academy of Sciences revise its climate statement, or is the Academy already paralysed? Evidence in this direction is given by the lack of answer to my

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