måndag 4 november 2013

MOOC as Disturbance to the Traditional University.

The exploding MOOC market is now rapidly changing the role of the teacher, in school and at university, in particular in science and engineering education. The traditional teacher role includes as key elements
  • control of subject: scientific paradigm,
  • control of teaching material: text book, lecture notes,
  • control of the mind of the student.  
The control is exercised through questions formulated by the teacher in
  • homework,
  • quizzes,
  • exams.
In short, the traditional university/teacher
  • controls the standard,
  • controls the examination,
  • owns the student,
  • is omnipotent. 
All of this is now challenged by MOOC. 

The gut reaction to this challenge from the traditional university/teacher is to view MOOC as a disturbance which will soon fade away, if it is ignored.

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