måndag 11 november 2013

BodyandSoul Not Back at Chalmers

The previous post BodyandSoul Back at Chalmers showed upon closer inspection to not represent reality.

The reality is that the BodyandSoul mathematics education reform program, which had been successfully run during 2001 - 2005 for chemistry students, was dismantled in the Fall 2006 and replaced by a standard Calculus program based on the standard text book Calculus: A Complete Course by Adams and Essex. This happened at the very moment I moved from Chalmers to KTH.

There is a narrative propagated by the department of Mathematics at Chalmers, that BodyandSoul has resurfaced as an important "inspiration" for the current mathematics program for mechanical engineers, for sure based on Adams standard book but still presented as an innovative reform program.

When I look at this program I see 90% standard Adams and 10% BodyandSoul "inspiration". To say that BodyandSoul is back at Chalmers thus does not seem to represent reality, only fiction. Unfortunately, in many cases, reality is more true than fiction.

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