lördag 4 december 2010

KTH-Gate: (Climate) Mathematics "Stopped"

During the week Swedish media have been reporting that my new ebook BodyandSoul: Mathematical Simulation Technology (can also be downloaded from my home page), parts of which are being used as course material in the 2nd year course Numerical Methods II within the engineering physics program at the Royal Institute of Technology KTH, has been "stopped" by the President of KTH, because the book contains a mathematical analysis of some models related to climate simulation (which by the way is not included in the numerics course).

A coordinated action by KTH has stimulated students and climate alarmists to supply media with statements such as:

  • We (students) got very upset when we saw the book. There are statements in the book that climate change does not exist.
  • After student protests, pages in the book have been deleted...
  • Lennart Bengtsson, meteorologist, member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences: unphysical, completely wrong, nonsense, miserable quality, bullshit ("rappakalja" in Finnish-Swedish).
  • Student protests force KTH to "remove" the book.
  • To pass exam we have to deny climate change, a student says.
  • President KTH Peter Gudmundson: After student protests to KTH, the (in)famous book has been "removed" and "replaced". Nevertheless the teachers for the course continue to use the book.
  • Leif Kari (in charge of the engineering physics program): We don't want to have anything to do with the book. It is extremely unusual to "stop a book". This is very serious.
  • Lennart Bengtsson again: Deplorable piece of work.
(Lennart Bengtsson is the main author of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences Statement on Climate Change in support of IPCC).

As of now the book has formally been "stopped" by KTH, yet it continues to be used as course material in the numerics course, which now enters into its final 7th week (by the way without covering anything about climate simulation). This is a contradiction which somehow must be resolved. Mathematics does not tolerate contradictions.

There are many interesting (or alarming) aspects of this story:
  • How can the book continue to be used if it has been "replaced"?
  • Is it possible to "delete pages" or "remove" a book without any further ado?
  • A student "confesses" that the "stop" has nothing to do with climate, but is intended to "stop" the new simulation technology presented in the book from being taught at KTH. Climate is being used only as a pretext, because it is so "easy to sell" to Swedish public and media.
  • Is it possible to "stop" mathematics? Is it possible to "stop" someone from that saying 2 + 2 = 4, at KTH?
  • Why is mathematical analysis of climate models so explosive?
  • Why is mathematical simulation technology so explosive?
  • When was a math book last "removed"?
You can decide yourself if there is reason to "remove" the book, by downloading and browsing through the 2100 pages.

We see two streams meeting at the same point causing ignition: climate alarmism and mathematical simulation technology. Why does the combination explode? Because climate simulation is mathematics. Because mathematics can be powerful. Because 2 + 2 = 4 can be devastating. World media are awakening, stay tuned...

The ban of my work by KTH has not caused any attention whatsoever in Swedish academia. Simply business as usual according to the usual Royal Standards: It is fully natural that a spokesman for the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences can flood media with invectives directed to eliminate my work from this planet, or at least from the Royal Kingdom, without any discussion. It is fully natural that the Royal Academy in this endeavor is assisted by the President of the Royal Institute of Technology, who refuses any form of contact with me.

And if I try to counter by referring to the fact that I am one of the very few in Sweden on the ICI Highly Cited list of the Worlds most cited scientists, or among the awardees of the Humboldt Research Prize, I get the response: Who cares about such lists and prizes, when it is the role of Swedish science to give out Nobel Prizes, from the hands of the King? Next week, including a wonderful banquet and dancing through the night.

Some links reporting on the scandal:
Observation: The only Swedish newspaper media which reports on the political suppression of the most holy principle of science of freedom of expression of scientific results, is Fria Tider,
whose editor evidently puts his vote on the nationalistic Swedish Democrats. What does
this tell us about Sweden of today? Any idea?

PS 6 pm: The book has now been fully separated from the course Numerical Methods II due to decisions taken by the President of KTH, who thus has completed his mission to "erase" the book from KTH , if not from the outer World. Continued use of the book at KTH without my consent will be a violation of my copyright. I have asked The President to inform students and teachers to avoid being sued for violating copyright. The contradiction of continuing to use a book at KTH which has been stopped by KTH, is thereby resolved.

9.30 am 7/12: The course home page states that BS is still used in the course, in violation
of my copyright. I have stated that continued use requires written consent by me and the President of KTH. The President has up til now refused all forms of contact with me, except stopping my book at KTH.

10.15 am: Violation of copyright continues. Swedish academia stays silent, fully focussed on
the Nobel festivitas.

11.00 am: Violation continues. Swedish academia is creeping very closely to the ground and has nothing to say, except the impressive invectives by Lennart Bengtsson, representing the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.

12.00: I have informed the students that I have withdrawn my permission to use BS in the course, and that continued use is illegal as a violation of my copyright.

2.00 pm: Violation continues. No reaction from KTH.

3.00 pm: My good friend John O'Sullivan, legal analyst of the Sky Dragon team, has offered
his expert assistance in progressing legal remedy. There are rumors that it was Dagens Nyheter as the main newspaper in Sweden with a very CO2 alarmistic reporting, which forced the President of KTH to stop my math book. I have no idea if this has any truth value, but I have little chance to find out by asking the President, since he is refusing to talk to me. But of course I can pose the question here: Why, mr. President, did you stop my book at KTH?

5.00 pm: The violation continues. I have been informed that the Dean of Computer Science Ingrid Melinder has had a meeting with the teachers of the course telling them that it is OK to use the book even without my consent and that she as Dean takes the full responsibility if this happens to be outside the law.

9.00 pm: The violation of my copyright continues. No contact from Dean Ingrid Melinder or
President Peter Gudmundson. Evidently, Dean Melinder has taken on the direct responsibility for violating the copyright, supported by the President I guess.

8.00 am 8/12: I have asked Dean Melinder to confirm in writing that she takes on the full responsibility of breaching the copyright, if there is one, and I have informed the teachers that they should also ask for such a document, to stand free when they now continue teaching the
course using BS upon the order of Melinder.

1.00 pm: Dean Melinder refuses to confirm that she has ordered the teachers to continue using BS despite the fact that this may be a breach of copyright. In any case it is impossible that
Dean Melinder is not fully aware of the fact that my permisson to use my copyrighted material at KTH, is missing. It will be impossible for Dean Melinder to argue that she "had the impression" that I have given permission or that my permission is "not necessary".

5.00 pm: Dean Melinder informs me that since I once gave permission to use my material in the course, this holds irrespective of anything else, e. g. irrespective of the President of KTH telling media that my material has been "removed" and "replaced". Even so it will be used, since it is so much needed. The logic is strict and convincing, right? I tell Dean Melinder that if the President informs media that he wants to change his story to a true one, then I might renew my permission. Will the President do this? Media is waiting...

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  1. Det där med att säga en sak utan att beakta dess konsekvenser är inget nytt. De flesta klimatdebattörer håller egentligen med dig, vilket dom antingen inte vet om eller hymlar med. Två exempel:

    Peter Stilbs på SI:s hemsida:

    "Temperatursänkningen uppåt i atmosfären kan förstås på flera sätt. Ur en molekylär synvinkel kan man resonera att det krävs arbete att flytta en molekyl uppåt i Jordens gravitationsfält. När den då vinner i lägesenergi tappar den och dess omgivning i rörelseenergi."

    Ett annat citat är från C-G Ribbing:

    "Det är viktigt att diskussionen gäller temperaturprofilens utveckling med tiden. Den momentana temperaturprofilen följer av fundamentala gaslagar, och ger inte information om uppvärm-ningens orsaker."

    Ribbings analys är kanske den mest spektakulära. Han menar alltså att växthusgaserna succesivt ändrar de fundamentala gaslagarna.

    Men detta är det ingen som knystar något om, (utom jag ;)). Men så länge debatten förs på denna nivå lär inga framsteg göras.

  2. Claes, Thanks for putting the post in English. I did try the Google translate on the previous post but it has problems such as the order of words (which is also in German grammer). The translate could not even cope with some of the English words putting cementation for my pseudonom of cementafriend (cementation is a geological term and nothing to do with friendship).
    I have downloaded the E-book "Slaying the Sky Dragon" and the accompaning Essays. I have also downloaded your Body and Soul. It seems to me that those objecting to the content of your books have no knowledge of the engineering subjects of thermodynamics, fluid dynamics, heat and mass transfer and it would appear (probably because they are not engineers) that they also have no understanding of the application of mathematics or statistics. Around the world there are people like Lennart Bengtsson who have limited technical knowledge, are usually incompetent in their job, and personally attack more knowledgeable people if they consider them a threat to their position or earning ability. Many so-callled climate scientists fit the latter description. It goes without saying students, only a few years out of high school,are naive, easily mislead, lack technical understanding and have had no experience in business or industry.
    Keep up the good work.
    Best wishes to all. I do not envy the cold weather in northern Europe.
    Keep strong -Cementafriend

  3. I'm really scared for the future if the majority of the students really protested, against this book, that heavily.

    Haven't seen anywhere a well justified "case" proving that the IPCC "stuff" (including backradiation) would be correct. Also the discrepancy between the IPCC based hypothesis and the tempoerature measurement (non tampered) points towards a serious error.

    Bad science should be wiped out before it makes to much irreversible damage. Our future is depending on science that shows the phenomenon accurately!

    Och samma på Svenska :)


  4. Var kan man ladda ner boken(ocensurerad)?

  5. The book can be down-loaded from my home page.

  6. Du borde läsa matematikern Tanja Bergqvists blogg:


    Hon kämpar på på sin flank, hon är matematikprofessor på SU, mot genusvansinnet. Sanningar ska förtigas och den konstruerade "verkligheten" ska till varje pris upprätthållas.

    Var finns förresten denna bok att ladda ned? Jag hittade aldrig länken.

  7. Som sagt, boken finns att ladda ner från min hemsida.

  8. Det finns en video med Paul Craig Robert där han berättar att han träffade Rotschild och Rockefeller på ett klimat möte och tyckte det var märkligt. Om jag förstod honom rätt så behöver de ett stort hot (fejkat eller verkligt) mot mänskligheten för att människor skall kunna acceptera globala CO2 skatter, cap & trade, världsvaluta, världsbank, världsregering. Det avfärdas säkert som konspirations teorier av flera, men det är vad han sa och han är inte vilken dåre som helst. Att stämplas som klimat konspirations teoretiker har samma effekt som att stämplas som antisemit, det skall tysta debatten.

    Om det finns sådana starka intressen bakom climat change rörelsen så förklarar det varför frågan är politisk och ideologisk och inte vetenskaplig samt den massiva mediala marknadsföringen och alla karrärssugna människor som känner av den politiska elitens signaler.

    De här dårarna måste stoppas innan vi alla blir förslavade.

  9. Claes, I salute your noble stand for academic freedom and integrity. You not have shown us that the equations used by climatologists are inherently incorrect, but that they falsely amplify the heating effects of carbon dioxide by a factor of three. For pointing out such an error they berate then shackle your speech. But you do not kow-tow to their fascism and bullying and for that you deserve our unswerving admiration and support.
    Academic freedom must be defended at all costs when we can plainly see that your work is statistically flawless. If the warmest were truly convinced that your analysis was wrong and theirs was right, then they'd meet you face to face in debate. The fact that they gag you instead proves they are both intellectually and morally bankrupt - and wrong!
    The sooner the public realizes that pro-green fascism has corrupted academia the sooner we can all throw these crooks out!

  10. I posted this comment to your site November 9:

    "Competence in climate science--indeed, in any science touching upon the study of climate--has been officially outlawed (see the post on the AMS statement)..."

    There is a global tyranny at work, going far beyond the climate controversy. What is being done to you is just a clear demonstration that what is happening throughout that controversy is the exercise of a tyrannical political power, that has nothing to do with science. Tyranny is the last refuge of the incompetent, and "official" science, worldwide, is incompetent, as are the control-hungry politicians.

  11. I applaud you for making a stand against the mentally ill climate cult.

    But what i cannot understand is why you allow the politician, university president to "stop" your book and delete pages? Surely you should be resigning your appointment post haste to make a stand for truth, justice and indeed your soul. If you know 2+2=4 you cannot with good conscience allow these politicians and their juvenile lackeys to make you say 2+2=5.

    Tell them to stick their job where the sun dont shine, hit the road and bring your book, and the truth on tour all over the world. Bring the truth to the people. Academia is no place for a man of your obvious intellect.

    Listen to your conscience.

  12. "There are statements in the book that climate change does not exist. "
    If people can believe such stupid strawman, they can believe in anything.
    Thank you Professor Johnson for your good fight

  13. You are now famous in the blog community world wide: http://antigreen.blogspot.com/

  14. I had a quick glance through Body and Soul and found nothing surprising in it. Indeed, it appears to be "essential" for people who would be using mathematics for science and applied science.

    Perhaps what frightens the control freaks is that you actively invite the readers to think. And to think critically about what and how they think.

    P.S. Love the caption on Planck.

  15. How could a newpaper possibly excersize any authority on a university. What would be the charge?

  16. According to DN it was some (less than 5) students who "forced" the President of KTH to delete pages and stop the book. If a couple of students
    can control a Royal Academic Institution, in Sweden, even a little village-journal could do the same. Or?

  17. Of course a journal can have a tremendous influence, but is it illegal for them to advice the president of KTH to ban the book?

  18. I don't know for sure what exactly motivated the President to take the drastic action of reporting to media that he had put a ban on the book. Sooner or later he will have to explain himself. Why not ask him? He does not speak to me.

  19. Ok, och vilken är adressen till din hemsida?

  20. Cavatus, jag är inte alls professor :-) Däremot fil dr och just nu vik lektor vid Uppsala universitet. tagit upp detta på min blogg nu (nederst) http://tanjabergkvist.wordpress.com/2010/12/08/hur-manga-miljarder-det-gar-utfor/

  21. Lästips till fysiker och matematiker: genusaspekter på slutförvar av kärnbränsle:



  22. Claes,
    it's wholly unbelievable and inadmissible what happened you. I express all my sympathy. Grit your teeth.

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