onsdag 22 december 2010

The Ipad Effect and BodyandSoul

Having acquired an Ipad, and used it for a couple of days, I have become convinced that the Ipad Effect will have a huge impact on education on all levels.

This is good news for the BodyandSoul mathematics education reform program, since it is geared to become an Ipad App.

In this perspective the action at KTH to stop BodyandSoul, described as KTH-Gate, seems even more ridiculous than before. It would be the same as preventing new students at KTH to have access to the Ipad and its booming industry of Apps and Accessories.

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  1. Could you please clarify exactly how KTH's decision not to use eBS anymore, after objections to it by students, "would be the same" as KTH somehow preventing people from owning and using an iPad?

  2. As I said, BodyandSoul is to become an Ipad App, so to stop BS is to stop
    an Ipad App. Further, the game is open as explained in the recent post
    KTH at the Fork. There is no reason for new students to stop BS, only for
    old teachers and their old students.

  3. But if KTH chooses not to use eBS as course litterateur, would that prevent students from downloading certain apps to their iPads? Could you clarify how that would be the same as "preventing" students to have access to an iPad?

    As for the students, if one group of students dislikes eBS, is there any reason to expect another opinion from another group of students? Isn't it a basic tenet of science that if one performs exactly the same experiment at different times, one would expect the same results?

  4. I explain the situation in the new post Why Students Fear the New on

    I assume you are one of the older students.

  5. The other post mentions neither iPads nor why one would expect different results.

    I take this as you refusing to answer the questions, and thus preventing open, academic discussion.

  6. It is difficult to have an open discussion with an anonym.