måndag 10 augusti 2009

Obama on Unicorn in FEniCS

Unicorn is a unified continuum mechanics fluid-solids interaction solver in FEniCS. The web is now being flooded with images and paintings of Obama riding a Unicorn, which signifies that Obama has joined the FEniCS development team. Wellcome!

Obama's mathematics for a health care reform is now debated: Will it add to the budget deficit? Republicans accuse Obama of breaking his deficit-neutrality promise and health experts scoff at the Democrats' fuzzy math.

  • We have 20 English teachers for every job and can't find a math teacher, and that's a problem. We have to pay math and science teachers differently.
  • We've got to push to get more kids taking algebra in eighth grade, and then you start to think about calculus in that fourth year of high school.
  • One downside of No Child Left Behind was 50 states dumbing down things.
In his first major speech on education on March 10 this year, Obama states:
  • It's time to give all Americans a complete and competitive education from the cradle up through a career. We've accepted failure for far too long. Enough is enough. America's entire education system must once more be the envy of the world -- and that's exactly what we intend to do.
  • Studies show that children in early childhood education programs are more likely to score higher in reading and math, more likely to graduate from high school and attend college, more likely to hold a job, and more likely to earn more in that job. 
  • See, I want every child in this country to have the same chance that my mother gave me, that my teachers gave me, that my college professors gave me, that America gave me.
Math is supposed to bring the US back into its proper position in the World, but which math will do it? Traditional Calculus?

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