torsdag 5 september 2013

Quantum Contradictions 19: Summary

Here is a summary of contradictions of text book quantum mechanics:
  1. The multidimensional wave function, as the solution of the multidimensional linear Schrödinger's equation as the basic mathematical model of quantum mechanics, is not a legitimate scientific concept according to Nobel Laureate Walter Kohn, because it cannot be solved analytically nor computationally. 
  2. It follows that the linear multidimensional Schrödinger equation, which is an ad hoc model invented by Schrödinger and canonized in its Copenhagen Interpretation by Bohr, Born, Dirac and Heisenberg (and then abandoned by Schrödinger), should be removed from text books.
  3. Doing so eliminates the need of inventing the microscopic roulettes of the Copenhagen Interpretation in order to give the multidimensional wave function at least some physical meaning, roulettes which violate basic physical principles of causality and reality and therefore were never accepted by Einstein and Schrödinger despite strong pressure from the physics community to confess to statistics.
  4. With the linear multidimensional Schrödinger equation and its statistics put into the wardrobe of scientific horrors, focus can instead be put on developing non-linear three-dimensional deterministic equations describing the atomistic world formed by interaction of positive kernels and negative electrons such as Hartree and density functional models.  The challenge is then to e.g.  explain the (shell structure) of the periodic table from such a model.
  5. A tentative such model will be described in final post of this series.       

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