lördag 9 mars 2013

Summary of Non-Evidence of CO2 Global Warming

Here is a summary of recent posts on the lack of scientific evidence in support of CO2 alarmism:

The evidence of global warming from increasing concentration of atmospheric CO2 as a "greenhouse gas" in support of CO2 alarmism propagated to the world and its political leaders by IPCC and governmental institutions, consists of
  1. Direct observation of global temperature and CO2 concentration. 
  2. But the last 15 years with no global warming under rising CO2 gives no reason for CO2 alarmism. 
  3. Modtran/Hitran as a combination of model theory and laboratory measurement serves as the main evidence of "radiative forcing" of 3.7 W/m2 from doubled CO2 to 600 ppm commonly translated to a global warming of 1 C.
  4. But Modtran gives a "radiative forcing" from the present 390 ppm to 600 ppm of only 2 W/m2 translated to a warming of 0.5 C, which is so small that it cannot be observed.
  5. The Modtran model results are either unreliable with no predictive value (most likely), or reliable with no reason for alarm.     
The net result is that there is no scientific evidence in support of CO2 alarmism. Hence, there is no rational reason to impose restrictions on emissions of CO2.

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