onsdag 21 mars 2012

Why Are Skeptics Attacking Skeptics?

My recent sequence of posts describe an attack by the leading skeptics Roy Spencer and Fred Singer on other skeptics under the name "deniers", an attack formulated under the following harsh headlines directed to the world:
The attack is supported by Richard Lindzen under the code word "bizarre" and of course by WUWT describing my work in particular "as pointless and fatally flawed".

I belong to the group of "deniers" under attack and I have tried to initiate a debate with my fellow skeptics in order to understand the reasons for their apparent auto-immune reaction, with skeptics killing skeptics instead of the common enemy of CO2 alarmists, but I have only been met by silence and ridicule.

I again ask Spencer, Singer and Lindzen to come out to a fair debate on the web instead of sniper shooting from protected positions, a fair debate about the central question:
  • What is the "greenhouse effect"?
  • Can it be detected?
I await input!

5 kommentarer:

  1. 1) it's the heat capacity of atmosphere
    2) try using balloons (get above the boundary layer)

  2. " Spencer, Singer and Lindzen"

    Certainly Spencer and Lindzen's careers- much of their past publication - depend on there being a greenhouse effect and their work is to determine "feedbacks", sign and magnitude.

    But as we now know there is no greenhouse effect in the atmosphere and their work on feedbacks is worthless, redundant. These guys also stand to have their research grants stopped if the proof of the non-existence of the GHE theory is widely known and accepted. My understanding is that Nasif Nahle proved the effect does not exist last year by repeating RW Woods experiment. http://www.biocab.org/Wood_Experiment_Repeated.html

  3. Yes, you may be right that even skeptics have positions on the alarmist ladder to protect.

  4. Note the silence from other "skeptics" who do not do work on Greenhouse feedbacks, scientists such as John Christy who work mainly in measurement of temperature and not feedbacks. John has made no comment as far as I am aware on the validity of the greenhouse effect theory.

  5. Dr Tim Ball does not believe in the fairy tale of greenhouse gasses! http://drtimball.com/2012/co2-is-not-a-greenhouse-gas-that-raises-global-temperature-period/