torsdag 15 mars 2012

Lindzen's Bizarre Greenhouse Effect

  • The most important consequence of the convective heat transport is that the surface is much cooler (15 C) than it would be in pure radiative equilibrium (80 C).
  • The surface is still receiving about 240 W/m2 from the Sun and even larger amount of backradiation from the atmosphere, but it is losing most of the energy by convection, not by radiation.
  • The actual operation of the greenhouse effect is much more complicated and subtle than is usually recognized. However, excellent treatments have existed in the literature for many years.
OK, so Lindzen claims that the surface temperature would be + 80 C if not convection took it down to a livable + 15 C. Radiation is by Lindzen presented as a frightening monster which is somehow tamed by benevolent convection.

Lindzen views the discussion of the greenhouse effect requested by Pierre Latour and myself as being bizarre.

To me it is Lindzen's greenhouse effect which is bizarre.

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