fredag 25 november 2011

Updated Computational Thermodynamics

I have put up an updated preliminary version of the upcoming book Computational Thermodynamics.

The basic idea is to find the truth by computing turbulent solutions of the Euler/Navier-Stokes equations by EG2 as stabilized General Galerkin finite element method, and understanding that EG2 can serve as a model of thermodynamics.

A basic revelation is that the concept of entropy can be replaced by turbulent dissipation to give the 2nd Law a concrete expression in terms of the physical concepts of heat energy, kinetic energy, work and turbulent dissipation, without any need of introducing the cumbersome notion of entropy with its statistical basis.

EG2 thus offers a computable deterministic model of thermodynamics opening to understanding of basic phenomena and offering the capability of real prediction, without any need of statistics.

The presentation is centered around Joule's experiment from 1845 illustrated above on the thermodynamics of an expanding gas showing fundamental aspects of heat engines, heat pumps and refrigerators.

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